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RallyRack has the world’s first “Dynamic Support System” designed specifically for long-distance walking and load-bearing situations.

The Dynamic Support System combines a hiking stick and a back frame that can carry 20 kilograms. When walking, the Y-shaped support rod transmits the weight to the ground, reducing the burden.

​Product Features

Helping You Move Forward Naturally and Effortlessly

As you step forward and change support, the lower support rod will simulate the movement of the foot like an exoskeleton. Once you master the technique, you can feel the push of moving forward.

Quickly Adjustable for Separate Use of Back Frame and Cane

By pulling up the fixed switch, it can be disassembled. After straightening and quickly folding the support rod to the back frame, it can become an independent back frame and hiking stick, increasing the flexibility of use and storage.

Continuously Providing 8 kg of Support Force

During the walking process, it provides an extra 6~8 kg of support force. The unique DSS dynamic support system of the RallyRack can transmit the weight to the ground through the Y-shaped support rod during walking, effectively reducing the burden.

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the core design to reduce the weight.

The dynamic module, through the principle of leverage, cleverly transmits the carried weight to the ground through the support rod. The built-in shock absorption system can provide additional support without affecting the gait.

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Bionic design simulates kicking action.

The unique bionic design of the automatically rebounding lower support rod, which is like stepping forward after the foot bends, can provide additional support when used in combination with the RallyRack.

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A.L.I.C.E military-standard likely durable design

The RallyRack is designed according to ergonomics with a curved back frame. Not only can it fit and lean against the back, but it also overcomes the problem of the traditional straight back frame causing the center of gravity to shift when carrying a load.

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V-shaped ergonomic shoulder strap

Special geometric design for effective spine protection

Through the specially extended V-shaped back strap design, it can stabilize the center of gravity of the load and effectively reduce the burden on the spine.


  1. Place the back frame in a higher position, allowing us to easily put on the back frame.

  2. Adjust the waist belt to the appropriate tightness. Tighten the shoulder straps and chest buckle, so that the back strap fits our shoulders and back. The adjustment of the back frame is completed.

​How to use

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Maintenance method

Cleaning After Use

  1. After use, the back frame and cane should be cleaned regularly. Use clean water and a mild detergent to gently wipe the cane body and rod parts. Be careful when using items such as dish cloths that contain abrasive substances to avoid damaging the surface. Please rinse off the foam and dirt, wipe off the surface moisture with a dry towel, let the RallyRack dry in a ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, until completely dry.

  2. If dirt, sweat salt, etc. seep into the woven tape or mesh of the shoulder strap and are not cleaned, it will damage the material over time. Therefore, after use, please use a wet sponge and neutral soap to remove the dirt.

Proper Storage

When storing the RallyRack, choose a dry, ventilated place. Avoid long-term exposure to sunlight or humid environments.

Regular Inspection

  1. Check the mechanism and plastic parts to ensure they are not damaged or worn and can operate normally. If any damage or abnormalities are found, they should be dealt with immediately.

  2. Check the tip of the cane to ensure it is intact. If the cane tip is worn or damaged, it should be replaced in time.

  3. Check the wear and tear of the shoulder straps. If wear or damage is found, it should be repaired or replaced in time.



  • Q: Can the RallyRack, which combines walking poles and a backframe, be used separately?
    A: The RallyRack design can be quickly adjusted to be used separately as a backframe and walking pole, which is very convenient.
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