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Supporting Your Every Step

ProPACER, is committed to providing effective and lightweight walking aid equipment, helping people to take each step more easily and walk further. ProPACER supports every brave step you take.

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Brand Origin

At the beginning of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was spreading, there was a time when people could not gather freely. At that time, what people yearned for was the freedom to go outdoors.

At the same time, we found that exoskeleton equipment that could help people reduce the burden of walking was either expensive or specialized for medical or industrial fields, and there were no products suitable for general outdoor use. Therefore, this led to the birth of the RallyRack and the Push-Pull Nordic Walking Stick.


Currently, equipment that can be worn on the body and provide support is called an exoskeleton, which is mostly used with the assistance of batteries and motors. Those in need must consider its expensive price and limited application environment.

PROPACER has designed the world’s first dynamic support module for outdoor leisure sports and embedded it in the back frame. The RallyRack, through the principle of leverage, combines common canes and back frames to achieve the goal of significantly reducing the burden for people who carry weight without the need for a motor system.

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